When it comes to custom booklet printing, design is everything. The clarity and effectiveness of your booklet all come down to the content and design of your booklet. Together, they should be eye-catching and attractive to reel in your target market, while easy to browse and peruse.

Graphic design is, therefore, a crucial element of the print process. If you want more beautiful, effective booklets that truly bring your message across, you will need to stay on top of the latest design trends.

Here are some design trends for 2018 that are sure to improve your booklet’s design:

Bold Typography

Bold typography has been trending for quite some time now. Slab typefaces are big and loud, offer excellent readability and truly make a statement. The right font choice also acts as a design by itself; capitalised fonts that take up the entire cover of your booklet are excellent in grabbing your audience’s attention. Coupled with bright colours and high contrast, this is a trend that won’t be going anytime soon.


While loud and bold is going strong, minimalist styles are also making a comeback. Muted colours coupled with a lot of negative space catches the viewer’s eyes without being overwhelming. Minimalism works well for informational product booklets. By spreading out the information with a calm, focused layout, you can prevent reader’s fatigue and make it easier to follow directions.

Personalised Photography

In 2018, it is time to stop using stock photography and investing instead in beautiful, personalised and professional photography. Pictures with an authentic quality to them are more appealing to readers than the staged look that is so prevalent in stock photographs.

Choose images for your booklet that accurately represent your brand and resonate with the audience. With the quality of modern smartphone cameras and the growing availability of photo editing software, creating custom photos is not as expensive as it was once.

Luxury Finishes

One of the reasons print advertising is still around is that people crave for tactile experiences. People love the feel of physical paper between their fingers. They enjoy the texture, the weight and how the colours interplay with the light. This is something that a digital pamphlet will never be able to replicate.

For your booklet to truly stand out, this year is all about adding a little extra with a luxury finish. Embossing, foiling and spot UV printing adds texture and variety to your booklet that catch a reader’s eye.


80s and 90s design is making a comeback, and with it come gradients. With the popularity of hair trends like ombre, it is not surprising that print design would follow a similar trend. Gradients of 2018 however, show more muted, complementary colours with a more organic looking gradient. Soft watercolour effects and gentle gradation prevent your booklet from looking like a Powerpoint slide from 1999.

Booklets are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Try these 2018 design trends and see how they transform your design.

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