Hardbound BookletWoolston Printing offers a wide range of printing finishes that can give your booklets extra oomph. Here are some finishes you can add to your booklet to make a stunning marketing impression.

Embossing: Raise your readers’ expectation

Add a raised texture to your booklet with an embossed finish. You can do this for your company logo or booklet title. If the design of your booklet cover has a pattern, you can have parts of your cover embossed to give it a three-dimensional texture.

For double emphasis, you can have a text or image embossed and combine these with other finishes such as foiling.

Foiling: Fascinate with a glimpse

Add metallics to your booklet to give it an air of whimsy or luxury. This technique involves heat pressing a metallic foil on paper. With Woolston Printing, you are not just limited to golds and silvers. You can ask for different colours, and we will deliver.

Laminating: Make your booklet long-lasting

Laminating involves bonding a different material with the paper. It adds a protective cover to paper making it sturdy and water-resistant. It also adds a design element as laminating can make paper glossy or matte.

Glossy laminates emphasise images and photos while matte laminates follow the minimalist trend.

Varnishing: Give a tactile experience

Like laminating, varnishing adds a glossy or matte finish to paper. The difference is that varnishing is a light-weight alternative, ideal for the insides of the booklet. Add a touch of luxury by going for glossy pages or trendy sophistication by going for matte pages.

Spot UV: Focus your readers’ attention

Spot UV is a technique that uses UV light to set the varnish. It is best used for spot applications so that only specific details in a page has a glossy varnish. This focuses the reader’s attention on a certain design element. You can use this to emphasise your cover’s title or details of an image.

Woolston Printing has more finishes to offer and is always ready to give you booklet printing solutions that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.