sample brochureBrochures are classic marketing tools. They are the ideal choice for opening days, exploratory meetings, and for showcasing the features of new products. Having an ill-designed brochure, however, is tantamount to throwing money down the drain. So before you print your brochures, let us look into the elements that make a good brochure, and the elements that make a good brochure pop.

Make a Captivating First Page

You have a fraction of a second to capture your target audience’s interest. Having a strong attractive front page will make them less likely to walk past by you and refuse your brochure. A strong visual and an attention-grabbing title can pique their interest to go beyond the first page.

Create Compelling Content

A brochure gives a small space to convey information. It should give compelling yet compact messages. Planning on what to put in the brochure and organising how the content will be laid ensure that your brochure has a clear cut message and a good flow. Focus more on what you can do for your target market or the advocacy you are pushing. Using images, illustrations, statistics and figures give the audience striking yet digestible nuggets of information.

Add a Winning Call to Action (CTA)

Make a mark in your target audience’s mind why you are the best provider for their needs with a powerful CTA (call to action). Make it easy for them to reach you by indicating all your contact numbers, including your business’ social media accounts. You can urge them to act now by providing discounts or perks that are only valid for a limited time.

Making a Brochure that Pops

Consumers may easily forget, but a striking brochure makes you memorable for longer. If you are using a tri-fold brochure, think of unique paper cuts or shapes that reflect your company or product better. If you opt for a magazine brochure consider finishes like foils, embossed text or UV spotting on the cover.

We can help you with the design, cut, process and finish that will best accentuate the message you want to relay to your audience. With more than 90 years’ experience in the printing industry, we can help you get the best value for your money. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.