brochure printingThe digital age has revolutionised advertising. It’s amazing how traditional marketing materials, such as brochures, have stuck around. Let’s look at the advantages of brochures over other promotional tools.

Brochures are tiny little packets of information.

Lead a customer to a webpage loaded with heavy text and they’re likely to leave. While consumers want accessibility and convenience, a maze-like website with too much information can bore – or worse, frustrate – your audience.

They are more likely to read through an entire brochure, even if it contains the same or more amount of text. Why? Because the sectioning of the brochure gives their eyes a break and lets their brain absorb the information as they unfold the other sections.

The folds are a marketing strategy in themselves as they excite readers to unravel the ‘mysteries’ on the other side.

Brochures build trust.

Informing consumers about your brand, its goals and its reputation builds trust. Like a business card, brochures give the impression of professionalism and reliability.

Another way brochures reinforces trust is by giving more space to show a bit of a brand’s personality. Brands with a more fun or friendly image can use a more casual and relatable tone.

It is easier to reach the target market.

Brochures are ideal for targeted marketing, especially for small and local businesses. You can mail your brochures or give them away at your events. With this strategy, you establish a connection to a market that has easy access to you. By presenting them at public functions, you build the interest of a market that is already interested in you.

You can maximise the use of brochures for your marketing strategy by using professionally designed and printed brochures. Woolston Printing offers comprehensive solutions in print. We can help your business from design to printing, to warehousing and distribution. Contact us today for brochure printing services.