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Covid Room Capacity Signs & Stickers for Social Distancing Custom

With the return of staff and visitors to workplaces the Australian Government and Safe Work Australia have recommended maintaining physical distancing in the workplace. One of the areas to address in any workplace is room capacity. We’ve made organising your Covid Room Capacity Signs & Stickers for Social Distancing easy. Purchase them directly from our social distancing store business section.

  • How to order

    In our online social distancing shop in the business section you will  find 2 options.  GENERIC  OR CUSTOM decals. If you are wanting generic decals it is as easy as purchasing them from the store and then sitting back and waiting for them to arrive.

    If you order custom decals, please complete the online purchase and then contact us via email to organise the customisation details.
    Customisation can include anything you desire. But, to give you some ideas, colours, wording, adding a logo are basic things requested by most customers.

  • Will the stickers damage my walls/glass or leave residue?

    In our experience, no. Our stickers are printed on a product that is easy to apply and remove. You can see in the video below that they do not leave any sticky residue on surfaces or damage them.

  • What do they stick to?

    Our wall/window decals stick to almost any internal surface;  such as painted plaster, plasterboard, tile, acrylic and glass. Please contact us for a different product to stick to exposed brick or rough wall surfaces.

  • How to Pay

    When you order online you can use PayPal or Credit Card. It isn’t a problem if you wish to organise an account instead. Please contact us and Courtney will start the process for you from there.

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Why Choose Woolston Printing for your wall decals?

You want to talk to a person. When you work with us there is no need to mess around with messy uploads. When you contact us you’ll speak to a person,  email us your design, or let us handle the design for you. It is as easy as phone call. Ask to speak to Lester, Courtney or Cassie.

You want a clear, crisp, top quality image, every time. We print your signs using the same equipment and care that we do when replicating a piece of art. You will not get better quality print than that!

You want hardware that stands the test of time. There is nothing worse than signage that starts failing or fading within weeks of purchase. We source quality stock and will never deliver a result we are not proud of to our clients.

You don’t want to be charged the earth, but you also know that you get what you pay for. We know that we deliver the best quality for price on the market. Give us a go and see what you think.

You want to support a small Australian company that has been in operation for over 95 years.

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