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Business Signage

No longer limited to the name plate above your door, businesses require all sorts of signage in 2020.

At Woolston Printing, we’ve been involved in business signage printing for over 90 years. Times have changed, as has signage. We’ve invested in a suite of machinery that help us produce large permanent and temporary signage solutions, from pull up banners to wall decals and much more.

Wide Format Printing for both Advertising and Design

Wide Format Printing is all about printing on a large scale. Big signs, bulk jobs and product large enough to cover walls and windows.

We often use wide format when we print advertising material, such as posters and pull up banners, but we also use it when we print items used in interior and exterior design of businesses, or “shop fit-outs”. Recently we used wide format for almost every decorative item in several St Vincent de Paul stores. You can read a case study about it here in our blog.

A major advantage of wide format printing, coupled with the vast range of materials that can be printed on, as well as different types of finishes, is that it allows us to be imaginative with design and work on a large scale. You can read more on our wide service printing page.