Many people think business stationery is an old-fashioned strategy. True, formal stationery has been an integral part of business communication for decades, but that does not mean digital methods such as instant messaging and social media posting have removed the need for it.

While other businesses are busy reaching their customers online, focus on strengthening your promotional marketing campaign. Having a customised collection of paper stationery in the 21stcentury gives your business a cutting edge and helps you stand out.

A Personalised Touch

Technology has given businesses endless opportunities to engage with their customers, from telemarketers to website chatbots. However, relying on a succinct email or a ‘Like’ from your business’s Facebook profile as your only customer interaction can come off very cold and impersonal.

With business stationery, you leave a professional and warm impression to your partners. Compared to reading a generic text message, a customer who receives a parcel will feel special.  A personalised note with your brand name on the envelope gives your customers the chance to sit down and take the time to look through a package that you have personally sent. This enhances their customer experience with your brand almost immediately.

Memory Retention

As a rising business, your goal is to be memorable. But, given the fleeting nature of the Internet, it is difficult for your customers to form a connection with your brand when you depend solely on digital platforms for communication.

Business stationery is still as effective as it has ever been in promotion. In fact, based on a study by the Australian Promotional Products Association, around 76% of people with promotional merchandise recall the names of the brands long after they have received the item. A sticky note, for example, will help keep your start-up business at the forefront of your customer’s minds while unconsciously endorsing your brand to their co-workers. By simply stamping your brand name onto a letterhead, you enhance brand awareness with minimal effort.

Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Digital ads are some of the most costly mediums in the advertising industry. Businesses have to pay a large amount for production rates, ad space and talent fees. A single project can take weeks and even months to finish, making the process frustrating for some business owners who are just starting out.

Business stationery is a strategy you can finish in one shop. Once you hand over your design and product preferences to a promotional products team, they do all the work for you. There are a tonne of products to choose from and a wide range of prices to suit every budget. The money that you save on advertising can go to other important facets of your business.

Print is not dead, even if some say otherwise. With tangible marketing efforts, you can easily gain your customer’s trust.

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