Custom Student Planners for Schools

We create custom student planners for schools around Australia. The level of customisation varies with each and every one of our school clients.
We have some schools who prefer a very simple document which centres around the calendar section and have very few additional pages other than that. Some of these schools come to us with a custom design, some ask us to complete a custom design for them, and some opt for one of our 2 standard calendar designs.

In contrast we have schools who, as well as the calendar insert,  include many information pages for their students and their families, as well as other accessories such as rulers, perforated class leave slips, a periodic table, goal setting templates and exam preparation advice.

We also have many schools who fall somewhere in between these two examples.

We want your planner to be effective, as well as uphold your school’s brand.

When you work with us you’ll be communicating with your account manager from the time of your enquiry, right the way through to delivery of your planners. One of our account managers; Cassie, Courtney, Luke or Jim, will work with you to make sure that your school’s brand guidelines are adhered to, as well as to create a diary that is an effective tool.

It’s really important that your planner does everything that your school wants it to do. Of course what would make a school planner effective for one school may not work for another and that is where customisation comes in.

There may be a couple of approaches when your school comes to us with a custom planner in mind.
1. You may come to us already knowing what elements you want to include, of course we can help you implement those elements.
2. You may come to us with an idea of what you want the planner to achieve. In which case we can help guide you to the tools that will help you work towards those aims.

We have worked with so many schools around Australia for nearly 30 years, so we’ve got a great amount of experience from which to work with you and offer suggestions if you need them.

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You can get in touch with our planner account managers through our Student Planner Page or through the Contact Page on this website.
On our student planner page you can also request a quote or sample planners, which we will send our to your address for you to review in your own time.

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