Five Advantages of Offset PrintingBusiness success, especially in the manufacturing and retail industry, does not simply depend on the quality of the product. The first thing that customers tend to notice is what the product looks like on the shelves, or in print or digital media.

Many customers only consider a product if it is well packaged, and a key criterion for judging the quality of the packaging is the type of printing process used. The buyer’s judgement in this area can determine whether the product is chosen or rejected.

Offset printing has been the gold standard of the industry for decades, with its ability to print multiple colours for full-scale photographic advertisements using dedicated plates for each palette. Nowadays, there are many other printing techniques available, including digital technologies. It can be difficult to decide which printing one to use for your product.

To help you, we have prepared a list of the five main advantages of offset lithography, so that you can decide if it is the printing service that you need.

#5 It’s a Well-Rounded Printing Process

Offset lithography is better than any other printing technique for round printing onto containers. Whether you are printing on to plastic bottles, canisters, or even bundled cartons, offset printing is the best option you can choose.

#4 It’s More Hygienic, and a Creates a Crisper Image

Unlike other printing techniques, such as rotogravure, the printing plates of offset printers do not come into direct contact with the item being printed upon. Instead, the ink is transferred to a rubber blanket. Because the blanket is flexible, it can be pressed perfectly against the container, thus creating a better image quality.

#3 It’s Good for Flexible Packaging Materials

Apart from its ability to print smoothly on rounded surfaces, offset lithographic printing is also great for working on labels, sleeves, and plastic wrappers for items such as candies and snacks.

#2 It Produces High Definition Results

Offset printers can print high definition images by separating the colours in the image and creating plates for each – cyan, yellow, magenta and black.  The resulting prints are flawless and of an extremely high quality.

#1 It’s Simply Great for Business

Offset Lithography can be an economical option for projects with a large production run or for projects which do not require a wide range of colours.

In terms of versatility, cost-efficiency and functionality, offset printing still reigns supreme among all the other printing techniques. But, of course, not all businesses have an in-house offset lithography printer.

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