In our 95 years of print operation we’ve had all sorts and sizes or organisation come to us, either directly or through a design or marketing agency. BUT we’ve got a little secret to share with you… GO straight to the printer with your design in hand, or to a printer who also offer a design services you’ll save money every time.

You’ll Avoid Paying Twice

  • Some graphic design or marketing agencies appear to offer a printing service. They do not have onsite printing, they are print brokers and will outsource your printing to professional commercial printers like us.
  • When your designer makes a quote enquiry with us for your job we give them the same price that we would give you if you were to ask us directly. BUT they have to put their markup on that, before they pass the quote on to you. So right there you could be paying anywhere between an extra 5 – 30% for printing through them rather than coming directly to us.
  • Your designer, or print broker may tell you that they have your best interests at heart, and find you the most competitive quote by going out to several printers. But most often these agencies have forged mutually beneficial relationships with one or two printers from whom they receive a discount without necessarily passing it on to you the customer.
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Its always good to keep in mind that many printers have graphic designers who work in-house and do not charge a design fee on straightforward design jobs, for example to apply your logo and colours to a feather flag or a bumper sticker etc. This is absolutely the case here at Woolston Printing, design is all part of our service and our one price which includes delivery.

  • Brochure & Booklet Printing
  • Cospak Canvas Banner business signage
  • Bollard Cover
  • Shelf Wobbler Juicy Isle
  • Social Distancing Pull UP Banner Hill ST
  • Real Mates Bumper Stickers
  • Footloose School Musical Programme
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Quality Finishes Straight from the Print Floor

Not only will you save money but you’ll get a quality job with colours true to spec every time. Printers are highly trained professionals having completed multiple year apprenticeships in their field. When it comes to printing colour and finish, as well as understanding materials and inks the printer is your go to source.

Here at Woolston Printing we have worked with graphic design and marketing agencies many times. We’ve also worked directly with organisations that require something printed. No matter which way we receive the job or who the client is we always give 100% effort to what we believe is the most important aspect of business – customer service.

Do you have a quote from your designer that you like to compare? Drop us a line and we will be happy to chat.

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