pre-pressMost printing companies follow three basic steps regarding their commercial printing process: Pre-Press, Press and Post-Press. The outcome of these three phases is a high-quality printout that displays a company’s branding. Many businesses would say that the most important phase among the three is the Press phase, which is also known as the printing proper. However, the phase that printing businesses sometimes pay too little attention to is the Pre-press phase.

What is the Pre-Press Phase for?

Pre-Press focuses on the processes that files go through before the actual printing takes place. Pre-flighting, proofreading and imposition are some pre-press services done during the first phase. These services prepare, edit and approve all graphics and content before the actual printing process. Without the pre-press phase, clients would not have the opportunity to see a preview of what their printout. Also, they will not get to suggest any recommendations before printing takes place.

What can happen during the Pre-Press Phase?

The Pre-press phase can ensure that a printout follows a business’ branding style. Commonly, a company bases the specifications of their printouts on their corporate visual manual (CVM). This guidebook states the specific colour, typography, logo placement and design elements of a company’s printouts. During the pre-press phase, companies may provide printing companies with their CVM for them to base their printout’s design.

Company branding managers can also make recommendations before their printouts are approved for printing. For instance, a company can suggest resizing their logo, updating the company description and revising graphics used in the printout. A printing company will also do their part by ensuring layout guidelines are followed, checking for typographical errors and ensuring the printing marks do not cut graphics.

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