Don’t you just hate trying to find promotional Christmas gifts?

It’s that time of the year again. It’s only November but it already feels like you have left organising business Christmas plans till the last minute. We hear you! Even when you work in the business of printed promotional products it can be really challenging to come up with a new idea every year.
Not to mention one that meets the bosses budget!

Here are a few things that you should look for in a top notch printed promotional product.

  1. Will the client use it?
  2. Will it sit on the top of the clients desk (or equivalent) and therefore keep us in their minds for the coming year.
  3. Can it be both organised and sent out in time?
  4. What, if any, will the postage costs be?

We’ve gathered a list of last minute end of year/new year promo items that you still have time to organise, are relatively inexpensive, and easy to send/mail.

Promotional Christmas Gift 1: Desktop Tent Calendars

These tent fold desk calendars make excellent promotional Christmas gifts and are printed flat and later assembled by the client. They are printed on A4 card, which makes them cheap and easy to send in the post. Simply slip these handy calendars into a C4 envelope along with a Christmas card or invoice etc.

We are able to customise these calendars with images, logo, colours and any other needs.

Price Guide Example: $0.95 (qty 250 pieces) → $0.35 each (qty 1000 pieces)

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Branded Bookmarks

Promotional Christmas Gift 2: Custom Branded Bookmarks

A perfect promotional product for the bookshops, libraries, coffee shops and other places loved and visited by readers! Bookmarks are wonderfully small and easy to mail. For a personal touch hand write a Christmas card and slip your custom bookmark inside. We have a design service available for those clients that need it.

Price Guide Example: $1.45 each (qty 100) → $0.31 each (qty 1000)

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Custom Printed Notepads

Promotional Christmas Gift 3: Promotional Notepads

Like their calendar cousins, notepads are a “top of desk” item that your client will use every day in their office. We suggest 30 page notepads for promotions and giveaways. We also produce 50 page notepads. Notepads are available in various sizes and a magnet for fridge mounting can be included.

Price Guide Example, DL Notepad 30 pages: $3.02 each (qty 100) → $2.02 each (qty 500)

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  • Custom Calendars
  • Salty Sunday Calendar
  • Custom Calendars for the fridge
  • Custom Calendars - Coil Bound Wall Calendars - Fly Fishers Association of Tas

Promotional Christmas Gift 4: Custom Branded Calendars

Just before Christmas is the best time to be handing out your customised calendars. We have a very wide variety of magnetic, paper and card calendars to choose from.

Price Guide Example, A4 Wall Calendar, Stapled, Hole Punch: $11.93 each (qty 100) → $4.62 each (qty 750)

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  • Branded CHRISTMAS Cards
  • Custom Branded Christmas Cards

Custom Christmas Cards for Business

Traditional, thoughtful and personal. Choose from a range of designs or bring your own print ready design. Christmas cards can be personalised with any details you desire. Make your Christmas cards more personal by leave room inside for you to handwrite a custom message to your client.

Price Guide Example: Card with Envelope $4.29 each (qty 50) → $1.00 each (qty 500)

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About Us

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  • We provide an end to end design and print service, for businesses who require help with their design
  • Because we print on site in our factory we are able to work on requests with tight deadlines.
  • For those on a budget we can work with you to give you printing technique advice on how to keep the costs of your products down
  • For those where the budget is not as tight we are able to share our knowledge of printing techniques, processes and materials that can help your products stand out from the crowd.
  • We will look after your job and always aim for the best end product.
  • We are a pretty nice bunch of people who enjoy what we do, and it shows in our service! 

These, and lots of other printed business products, are available upon order with us. Contact us through out contact page or by emailing us.
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