print finishing

Print Finishing

Woolston Printing offers various types of printing finishes that make your printed collateral stand out.

Our complete printing service involves us doing all our finishing services on-site. This allows us to produce a superior final product that is ready for distribution. From basic finishing to luxury finishing processes, we ensure that your printed collateral will catch the attention of your audiences.



Besides the essential design elements, printed collaterals can enhance their appearance through the finishing process. Print finishing refers to the value-adding procedures that are executed after the ink has been applied to a medium.

Some types of finishing can be done before the printing comes off the press, but usually many types of finishing are done after the printing comes off the press. Finishing enhances the functionality and aesthetic appearance of printed collaterals. The process can also provide a printed collateral with extra protection to prolong its quality.



Die-cutting involves a thin sharp blade that has been pre-formed into a specific outline or pattern to cut a printed collateral into various shapes. Whether the shape is standard or irregular, there are cutting machines that can cut collaterals into striking shapes that make the collateral stand out.



Embossing is the process of adding a relief image to a printed collateral such as a book cover, business card or invitation. Sometimes ink or foil is used to give the relief image more accent than a regular embossed design. An embossed collateral gives its overall appearance an eye-catching 3D effect and heightens the textual richness of a collateral.



Folding a printed collateral can serve many functions. One function is to reduce the physical size of the collateral, which allows it to fit into something else such as a display rack or envelope. Folding is usually used as a design technique to create panels from a single sheet of paper such as an invitation or brochure.



Lamination adds a layer of protective coating to a printed surface to enhance its sturdiness and improves its tactile feel, which gives a printed collateral a smooth finish. A high-gloss laminate enhances the vibrancy of the ink colours and makes images appear to look sharper and have more contrast.


Spot UV

Spot UV is a kind of varnished paper that is placed on a printed collateral’s surface. It is then hardened by UV light to give it an embossed look, which results in a shiny coating that highlights a certain shape or lettering on a printed collateral.

We offer more print finishing options for your business printing needs. If you need help in finding out which finishing option is most suitable for your company, call 03 6391 8481 or message us on our contact page.

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