Here at Impact Planners, by Woolston Printing, we work with you through the process of bringing your student planners 2021 design and content together all the way through to delivery date. The 7 steps to student planner success is about setting deadlines to help keep your student or teacher planner on track. Below is an infographic showing the 7 step process. When you decide to book with us we will work through these steps with you and fill the blank circles you see below with due dates that work for you.

7 steps to student planner success infographic

Please note that, as would be expected, many schools request the same delivery timeframes.

The easiest way to achieve the timeframe you desire is to book early, and to provide as much content as you can  as quickly as you can.

There will always be content, like teacher names and classes, that cannot be discerned until later in the year. But, most often much of a school’s planner can be completed much earlier in the year. We know that organising your school diary for 2021 can seem stressful and are here to guide you through the process and keep you on track.

Please call or message us with any questions.

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