1960s old-fashioned traditional marketing propagated a formula based on four P’s: place, price, promotion, and product. Traditional marketing further dictated that for your product to succeed, digging into each P was a necessity.

In the 1990s, the 4 C’s replaced the P’s: cost, consumer, convenience, and communication. This new marketing formula – with its new elements – focused more on niche marketing and less on mass marketing perspectives.

Today, even newer marketing models have emerged, and these are all about social media, which threatens the relevance of traditional models. Some people think going full digital is the solution; believing that print cannot live up to the powers of the Internet.

But little did you know that business stationery printing and billboards are still relevant today. Despite the onset of tablets and iPhones, traditional marketing still works.

A Different Kind of Experience

Traditional and digital marketing provide customers with unique experiences. For marketing to work, it shouldn’t function as a fractured vacuum; in-person experiences, which involve multiple touch points, should be part of the story.

As a business owner, it is advantageous for you to use the physical perks of traditional marketing to attract more customers and provide them with unique experiences.

Engaging the Senses

Traditional marketing trumps the digital format in the aspect that it engages more than two senses. Digital screens only engage your visual and auditory senses. A Chinese restaurant can post their advertisement on social media and entice the audience with the images, but this does not give the complete experience.

Sampling treats in a food court, however, heightens the experience. A noodle platter engages all the senses and also effectively encourages customers to try your product.

Physical Presence

On-screen, advertisers continuously fight for the customer’s attention. With print advertising, however, you have the opportunity to promote a stronger physical presence. Billboards can captivate the field of vision of a majority of your potential consumers. It serves your business’ best interests to take advantage of the physical nature of traditional media for some creative marketing.

Traditional marketing can still reign supreme in this digital world. If you want to learn how to use this to your benefit, get in touch with us today and we will help you out.