Designing a brochure isn’t just about clean typography, attractive page layouts and high-resolution images. Selecting the right print finish for your brochure makes the reading experience a lot more memorable. When selecting a print finish method, the goal is to make your brochure more highly appealing, add desirability to your products and services and make your business stand out among competitors.

The combination of how your brochure feels and the overall appearance should work together to enhance the communication process. Here are some special print finishes you can have on your brochure.

Make Your Brochure Pop-Up

When it comes to adding an eye-catching 3D effect, consider embossing elements on your brochure. Embossing involves changing the dimensional appearance of a medium by applying pressure on both sides using two metal dies made to a desired shape.

You can emboss several elements on your brochure such as titles, images or your logo. It’s best to have an embossed element on the cover page of your brochure so that your audience gets attracted from the moment they lay eyes on your brochure. Having an embossed finish on your brochure heightens its textual richness. This attracts your audience to read the contents of your brochure.

Mind the Gloss

A laminated brochure is not only going to make it durable, but it also enhances its visual appearance. In this finish, a thin plastic film is applied to cover the entire surface of your brochure. A high-gloss laminate on your brochure enhances the vibrancy of the ink and makes graphics appear to have more contrast and look sharper.

Attractive Cut-Outs

Instead of having a standard rectangular shaped brochure, you can cut your brochure into an intricate shape. Die-cutting is the process of cutting a flat material into a specific shape using a metal die.

When used creatively, die-cutting can be used to focus a reader’s attention on the design of a brochure by giving a distinct form or profile. For instance, if your company is releasing marketing material about tree planting, you can have the cover page of your brochure cut into the shape of a tree.

Brochures Can Be Varnished

Ultraviolet (UV) varnishing can be applied as a coating to a specific area on your brochure to make it shiny. For instance, you can apply UV varnish to your logo, typography or images on your brochure to draw more attention to that area of print. The results of this type of finish are remarkable especially when light is reflected from the varnished areas.

At Woolston Printing, we offer Spot UV varnishing – a kind of varnished paper that is placed on a medium’s surface. This type of varnish is hardened by UV light to give the medium an embossed look, resulting in a shiny coating that highlights images or typography on the medium.

We Print Beautiful Brochures

As a one-stop shop for all printing solutions, we offer these four types of finishes along with other finishing methods for our custom brochure printing service. With over 90 years of experience in the print industry, we guarantee to provide your business with a customised, eye-catching brochure that captures the interest of your target audience.

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