Woolston Printing, a 94-year-old company, who have been producing student and teacher
planners for schools across Australia for the last sixteen (16) years, will be helping start
more R U OK? conversations.

“We’ve focussed on innovating our diary content with wellness initiatives over the last
couple of years, but mental health and suicide prevention has always been on our radar. R U
OK? have been great to work with and produce great, engaging content,” said Lester King.

Woolston Printing were aware of research supporting early intervention in preventing
suicide and realised that the diaries they print for school students were the perfect vehicle
to encourage a young, captive audience to be a good a friend and support their peers.

“We hope to include this content in as many diaries as we can in 2020 and onwards. Last
year our diaries ended up in the hands of about 85,000 school kids across Australia. The R U
OK? spreads will naturally be free of charge, and optional, but we are hoping that as many
schools as possible take up the option to help R U OK?’s cause,” said Jim Woolston, 4th
generation owner of Woolston Printing.

Woolston Printing have committed to making a donation back to R U OK? for each diary
sent out to their clients containing R U OK? content, hoping to help R U OK?’s cause even

To read more see the Impact Planners page on this website.