An identifiable brand is something that many companies aspire to have. Any brand from any industry would love to be recognised with just a glance — and this is achieved by the most successful companies in the world.

Achieving a strong, recognisable brand is no rocket science, according to design experts. There are two important concepts when creating an easily identifiable brand: the correct use of colours and being consistency.

The Importance of Correct Use of Colours

It is said that colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent. However, the colours you choose should not only be memorable but also reflect your brand’s image.

For example, if you say that your brand is ‘warm, refreshing, youthful and innovative,’ you would less likely use dark and muted colours like black and grey. Remember that there is a psychology in colours and you do not want to send the wrong message by using the wrong colours.

Colour Consistency: Repetition Is Key

Successful brands like Facebook, Twitter, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have almost become synonymous with the colours they use — because they use the same colours in the same shade consistently.

Once you have decided on your brand’s colour palette, you have to stick to it and use it in all of your collateral — your website, social media posts and even for your physical marketing materials. When you use different colours — even using a different shade of the same colour — you confuse your customers and risk losing them.

Graphic design experts suggest using only two to four colours to represent your brand. Use them in your logo, banners, fonts, accents and in other elements for your entire branding process.

Repetition is important in brand recognition especially if you’re a startup company still getting your name out to the public. In time, audiences will start to associate certain colours with your brand.

Managing Your Colours with Quality Printing Services

To keep your brand’s colours consistent, you have to make sure that the colours look the same digitally and in print. Careful colour management prevents any inconsistencies between your physical and digital marketing collateral.

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