Commercial printing

Commercial Printing

Woolston Printing has five types of printing services that cater for small to high-volume printing jobs.

Our printing services produce high-quality output that meets your business’ requirements. If you are looking for a cost-effective printing solution, our various printing services are your top choice.



Also known as offset lithography, this is a technique of mass printing in which images on metal platingare transferred to a temporary medium and then placed on its actual print medium. Paper is a common medium; however, there are other mediums such as canvas, cloth or wood. The main advantage of offset printing is that it produces high-quality images consistently.



Digital printing deals with the process of transferring a document on a personal computer or a digital storage device to a printing substrate using a device that accepts graphical and textual output. It has substantially lower production costs, fast turnaround times and easily prints on-demand since it uses the standard inkjet and laser printing machines.



Screen Printing, also known as Silk Screening and Serigraphy, focuses on creating an image on paper, fabric or other types of printable materials by pressing heavy ink through a screen with parts blocked off by a stencil. This type of printing produces fine art prints for commercial purposes such as printing a company logo on t-shirts or mugs. Screen Printing is preferred for graphics that use only one or two ink colours.


Variable Data

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that allows text or graphical elements to be easily customised throughout the printing process. For instance, sending direct mail postcards to customers uses VDP by cost-effectively personalising a business’ marketing strategies. This can be done by presenting various offers or using different photos to target specific types of customers. VDP is a valuable tool for increasing return on investment and decreasing response times.


Labels on Roll

Roll labels are commonly printed using direct thermal or thermal transfer printing processes. Roll labels allow a wider variety of shapes and sizes to be produced within the available dimensions of a particular laminate. Roll label printing is usually seen on canned goods and bottled drinks.

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