pre press printing

Pre-Press Services

Woolston Printing offers four types of pre-press services that ensure your printed collateral is designed according to your specifications.

We have graphic designers, typesetters and proof readers that help in creating accurate and engaging designs before your collateral goes into its final print layout. Our pre-press services ensure that your collaterals are designs are based on your brand’s identity.


Brand Management

Brand management is one of the essential aspects of the pre-press phase. Understanding the visual identity, corporate colours, typography and design elements are done in the pre-press phase to ensure that every printable collateral has visual consistency. Monitoring, controlling and managing the consistent visual appearance of a brand’s collaterals ensure that it effectively communicates a company’s intended message to their targeted audience. Our highly experienced team of graphic designers and pre-press printing personnel make sure your company’s collaterals have a consistent visual appearance.



Pre-press graphics is where our graphic designers create the design layouts and format the text and graphic elements before the printing phase. Our graphic artists consult with their customers to develop a design brief that meets our customer’s specifications. The meeting also ensures that the collateral to be printed does not lose quality or exceed budget constraints. Pre-press graphics requires the use of design software to manipulate text, images, colours, sizes, position and typography to adhere to the mutually agreed upon design brief.



Pre-press proofing is a cost-effective way to obtain a visual copy of a printing order without having to spend more time and money in obtaining a physical press proof. Proofing the electronic copy of a collateral allows us and our customers to check every small detail of each component such as the colours, text, and the final size of the letters and graphics. After ensuring that there are no errors and then getting approval from our clients, we will start the printing process of their business collateral.



Commonly confused with typography, the typeset process refers to the setting and selection of document type. It focuses on the visual presentation of text and results in images and text being arranged in preparation for printing. This process of the pre-press phase requires typesetters, graphic designers or editors to select the most appropriate style and size of every design element and text chain. Proper management and editing of the typeset results in a visually appealing printed collateral.

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