Printed Solutions for Events and Conferences

Signage: Capture the attention of passers-by with an engaging printed display.
Printed Documents: Give visitors to your stand high quality printed information to take away with them.
Giveaways: Have a little fun or be interactive with promotion products to giveaway.

High quality and imaginative printed collateral, as part of a strategic promotion remains an effective way to capture the attention of your market.

Event Signage

Capture the Attention of Attendees

Whether you are exhibiting at an indoor or outdoor event you have one shot at capturing the attention of passers-by. One of the ways to do this is with clever design of your event stand, including your signage. You should aim to be Visible AND Give a friendly, welcoming vibe that convinces people to stop, or to walk into your stand. In addition to clever staffing, you can do this with clever stand and signage design, as well as with interactive elements.

  • Feather Flags
  • Tear Drop Flags
  • Custom Printed Cut Outs
  • Canvas Banners
  • Banner Mesh
  • Pull Up Banners
  • Branded Marquees
  • A frame signs
  • Feather Flags
  • Tear Drop Flags
  • Custom Printed Cut Outs
  • Canvas Banners
  • Banner Mesh
  • Pull Up Banners
  • Branded Marquees
  • A frame signs

Event Handouts – Brochures & Leaflets

Provide Information

You want to prepare a variety of marketing handouts for your event to address potential customers who are different levels of the sales funnel. You also want to make sure that the information you give them will be something that they will want to read later. Presentation folders can be great to combine a variety of different flyers, brochures or catalogues for hot leads. Make sure that you pop your business card inside them so that they know how to contact you later.

  • Business Cards
  • Vouchers
  • Presentation Folders
  • DL Flyers
  • A5 Flyers
  • Tri book brochures
  • A4 information sheets

Event Giveaways

Delight & Entertain

Ask anyone what one of the best things about trade shows and events are and they will tell you “the goodies”, “swag” or “giveaways.” Make your event promo products work for you by carefully considering which solution is right for your company. Branded canvas bag can be a great idea, as they can be a walking billboard for those walking around the event. Considering how your target audience will use the giveaway after the event can be a smart approach, choose items that might stay on “top of desk” and therefore ” top of mind” like notepads, sticky notes and desk pads for example.

  • Cups and Drinking Vessels
  • Ecological Options
  • Branded Canvas Bags
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Aprons
  • Branded Mints and Sweets
  • Branded Clothing
  • Keyrings
  • Sticky Notes
  • Branded Umbrellas
  • Company Flash Drives
  • Printed Solutions for Events Bamboo Cups
  • Printed Solutions for Events Bamboo Cups Colour in Bag
  • Printed Solutions for Events Branded Mentos Mints

Printed Brochures and Booklets & Graphic Designer

One of our onsite graphic designers at work

We also offer graphic design services

Many of our clients come to us with completed print designs, and just as many clients need us to help them design artwork for the printed products they wish to purchase. We can work with you whether you have a design file ready for print setting, or you have an idea and need help to design a printed product from scratch. That’s why we employ graphic designers in addition to print setters and professional printers.

Event Products & Case Studies