In recent years, modern technology such as LinkedIn has facilitated professional networking. However, one staple in the fast-moving business world remains — the business card.

Making a business card nowadays is not the same as in the past. From the many new methods of printing available to the growing number of ways the card can be used to connect people, using an outdated template can be a losing investment. Here, we give you some tips to consider when designing your business cards.

Our personalised business stationery  experts can offer you in-depth suggestions to create your perfect card.

modern business card design

Think Clean

There is a tendency to crowd business cards with as much information as possible. Ask yourself, “Is this necessary now?” As long as you put in your e-mail address and URL, the recipient will already have enough information.

Keep the Size but Use Your Imagination

While the standard business card shape is ideal for filing purposes, adding texture(embossing), mixing types of paper, or anything along these lines are great ideas. They make your business cards stand out while keeping them compatible with most business card slots.

sample business card designExplore Your Options

Ask our experts what we can do for you. While Woolston Printing has been around since 1925, our arsenal of printers has always been up-to-date. We use a variety of treatments such as printing on multiple paper finishes, UV-laser lamination and a wide selection of other detailing techniques. As a full-service printing company, our in-house team will help you understand the different ways you can create a successful business card.

Add Value

The last thing you want is for your business card to end up in your client’s waste paper bin. The best way to counter this is to make them eye-catching or unique. For example, an artist might want to incorporate a small design onto each card. A tax professional might define a complex financial equation on the card as an interesting reminder of how complicated but crucial financial services are. The goal is to try to make the business card somewhat unique.

Investing in business cards can be great for your business. It’s a handy tool that doesn’t rely on sometimes fickle technology, and it’s probably the most portable representation of a person and a company. This is also why it’s crucial to get it right.