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Custom Printed Envelopes

At Woolston Printing we pride ourselves of being one of the most price competitive companies offering custom envelope printing services throughout Australia. We print an extensive range of sizes and types of envelopes and also have graphic design help available.

Custom printed envelopes are a critical piece of business communication stationery that creates a great first impression.

A branded envelope looks professional, neat and tidy, speaking volumes about your company.  They are also an effective way to make marketing and promotional material really stand out in the mail pile by using a colourful and creative design.

Here at Woolston Printing our graphic designers are able to work with existing design files, create designs from images or create a new design from scratch.

Branded Envelope Options

There are quite a few options when it comes to your business’s custom printed envelopes.
Here are a few, and an explanation of each.

  • Branded Envelopes various sizes
  • Custom Printed Envelopes DL Size
  • C4 Branded Envelopes

Envelope Specifications

Envelope Sizes

The most common envelope sizes for general stationery and business practice are C4 and DL!
The C4 business envelope fits A4 sheets unfolded.
The DL business envelope fits A4 sheets folded in thirds.

Less common, but still popular envelope sizes, especially for communications and marketing include:
DLX, C6, C5, C3, B4, B5, 11B and others.

Envelope Closure Style Options

  • Wallet – This is the rectangular style flap that runs along the long edge of the envelope – this is the most commonly use closure style.
  • Banker – Similar to the wallet style except the flap is triangular shaped.
  • Pocket – A rectangular flap which runs along the short edge of the envelope, creating the “pocket”.

Closure Seal Options

  • Moist Seal – Moist Seal is suitable for machine insertion and mail houses.
  • Peel & Seal – Remove the tab to reveal the sticky surface.
  • Presseal – This type of seal means that envelopes are pre-gummed and only require to be pressed to seal.

What is a Secretive envelope style?

Secretive envelopes are the envelopes that have the blue print on the inside, meaning you can’t see your letters through the paper. They are designed to hide the contents of the envelope from prying eyes and keep private information, such as financial information a secret.

How to Enquire

We think that the process of planning your custom printed envelopes should be as easy and straightforward for you as possible. If you click the quick quote form button we will be able to provide you with a quote straight away. Our staff take great pride in our 96 year old business and we offer clear and timely communication along with professional products and a great attitude. We look forward to meeting you!

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Why You Should Work with Us

  • We are a 96 year old family run company. When you work with us you will have a dedicated account manager who will help every step of the way and are always contactable by whatever means suits you.
  • We provide an end to end design and print service, for businesses who require help with their envelope design.
  • Equally we are able to work with businesses who come to us with a design ready to print.
  • For businesses on a budget we can work with you to give you printing technique advice on how to keep the costs of your envelopes down.
  • For those where the budget is not as tight we are able to share our knowledge of printing techniques, processes and materials that can help your envelopes stand out from the crowd.
  • We will look after your job and always aim for the best end product.
  • We are a pretty nice bunch of people who enjoy what we do, and it shows in our service! 

Custom printed envelopes, and lots of other printed business products, are available upon order with us. Contact us through out contact page or by emailing us.
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