Custom Printed Whiteboard Stickers – Peel and Stick

How to keep your sales & marketing team focussed during challenging times. 

With the interruptions Covid-19 has caused to businesses there has never been a more critical time to focus on sales and marketing.

We create custom whiteboard stickers, pictured is the one we have printed for our own team (but with false data in there to protect our privacy :) .)
We’ve designed ours to help keep us track of goals and metrics that are meaningful to us and important to drive our business forward. Our sales and marketing chart helps us keep our targets and KPI’s top of mind.

How would you want us to design yours?

Custom Whiteboard Stickers

Common Uses

Printed whiteboard stickers for business can be designed to suit whatever purposes you may have, and to suit any department or team across your business.
Here are some common sales and marketing stats that you might consider capturing on one of our dry erase custom printed whiteboards:

  • New Clients Won
  • Existing Clients Contacted
  • Lapsed Clients Contacted
  • New Business from Existing Clients
  • Cross Selling Contacts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Followers
  • eBlast Numbers
  • Website Enquiries
  • Google Ads Leads
  • eCommerce Sales

How to Order

We can work with you to design your sticker to suit your needs.
Here is what you need to do to get started.

  • Send us an email and ask us to send you a template for some inspiration OR sketch up a rough drawing of what you would like on your chart, measure the area of the wall you would like to stick it to and email those details to us.

This will allow us to provide you with a quote.

Woolston Printing is an Australian family business which has been in operation for over 96 years. We are based in Tasmanian with printing hubs also in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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