People are quick to proclaim the ‘death’ of print. Websites, social media and mobile content have replaced marketing materials to such an extent in some industries that some businesses have moved advertising strategies completely to the Internet. Do printed materials still have a place in your marketing efforts?

An Effective Tool for Businesses

The short answer is, ‘they do’. Printed marketing materials deliver your message effectively. Forbes magazine shares a study that revealed consumers read digital screens 20% to 30% slower; most people also skim websites in just 15 seconds. By comparison, printed materials are more engaging for consumers to read. Better engagement, though, is not the only reason printed materials still matter, even in the digital age.

Your business will still need to show clients and customers printed collateral because they will request brochures or catalogues. In addition, printed materials are essential in trade fairs and expos. Consumers will want information they can take away and review later on. It is not certain they will instantly get on your website after walking away from your booth at a trade fair. A compelling catalogue of your products will provide timely information, and ensure immediate engagement.

Innovative Printing Solutions

Technology is also ensuring the relevance of printed marketing materials. As an Australian printing solutions provider, we strive to offer the latest in digital printing technology. Take for example our variable data printing service. Variable data printing takes personalised collateral to the next level. The software enables this digital printing process to produce individualised pieces, from business cards to coupons.

Your business can also benefit from using QR codes on printed marketing materials. It is an effective way to combine your online and offline marketing strategies.

Printed materials still matter. Your brochures, catalogues, stationery and other collaterals convey your message to consumers. With exceptional, beautiful and innovative marketing collaterals, your business secures an advantage over competitors.

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