Business stationery speaks volumes about who you are as a brand. From sticky notes to envelopes, stationery plays a major role in promoting your business to customers, suppliers and partners.  When designing your stationery, you want to make it easy for customers to recognise your company at a glance, promoting a strong and professional brand image.

Do not underestimate the significance of customised stationery. Here are a few key elements that you should incorporate into your business stationery design:


All business stationery items, without exception, should bear your business logo. Your logo is one of the most memorable aspects of your brand identity. Customers tend to remember images better than words, and will quickly associate your logo with your business.


Another vital element in business stationery design is the company’s catchphrase. Think of your slogan as a condensed, yet memorable version of your mission and vision statement. It should represent what your business stands for and allow partners to quickly identify with your brand.

Year of Establishment

Reputable businesses often forget this small detail on their business stationery. If you have been operating for several years, mentioning the year your company was founded tells customers that you are a well-established business with a wealth of experience and expertise. It also suggests that you offer high-quality products or services that have helped keep the business alive.

Contact Numbers

Providing contact information on your stationery gives an extra layer of information. Customers have the information at-hand if they have inquiries on product features or your services. Placing your contact information on your stationery conveys your care for your customers, accessibility and your willingness to protect your brand integrity.


Businesses that operate in multiple sites can benefit greatly from this element. Stating your head office location along with your other branches gives your customers the impression that you are an established business with growing popularity.

Social Media

Over the years, social media visibility has become increasingly important for businesses. Social media has become a great tool for businesses to reach a wider audience through the virtual sphere. To further boost your online presence, include your company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on your stationery.

Awards or Certifications

With just one phrase or logo of certification, you build a customer’s confidence in your brand. Your awards give your company credibility, making your brand a trustworthy partner in business. Place these details at the bottom of letterheads or on the reverse sides of envelopes to avoid a cluttered look.


Many companies have more than one brand under its name. If your business functions the same way, consider including the logos of your other brands on your stationery. This helps establish your organisation while targeting the audience of all your sub-brands.

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