Integrate your Digital and Print Marketing with QR Codes

Whether it be marketing materials to be handed out at an event, flyers in the mail, signage, or the Christmas card that you send at the beginning of December, almost every organisation still engages in print marketing on some level.

Unlike digital marketing, when a handout is placed in a target customers hand, that piece of marketing has that target’s full attention, even if only for a few moments. Traditionally on any piece of print marketing we may find a website address, phone number or physical address where we want the audience to go to find out more. But as we all know typing a web address into your phone browser is a bit fiddly, and for many people calling can be quite confronting.

One method you can use to push people off your print marketing onto the digital channel of your choosing is QR codes.

The Death and Resurgence of QR Codes

In 2013 marketers were declaring that QR codes were dead but things have taken a very different turn since then. QR codes used to be awkward to use. A user needed to have an app installed on their phone, whereas now they are installed natively. Fast forward to 2022 and almost all mobile phones have built in QR code readers and (thanks to Covid-19 check-ins) practically everyone knows how to use them.

Print Marketing as a Conduit to your Digital Channels

Here are some reasons to consider using QR codes to push users off your print marketing and onto one of your digital channels.

  • To connect them to a converting lead form.
  • To collect their data, especially with the imminent disappearance of 3rd party cookies it’s going to get harder to find new audiences. In this way you can use 1st party cookies to collect user data.
  • For your brand to make a wonderful impression with an immersive and interactive online experience. You can link your QR code to a video or other online experience.
  • To get new social media followers, thereby opening up another channel of communication with your prospect or customer.
  • To run a competition and collect data to use in a future email campaign etc.
  • To communicate additional information.

Print Marketing with QR Codes – Client Examples

Spring Vale Vineyard

Flyers about joining the wine club are placed in the tasting room of a winery reinforcing the message that visitors receive about the benefits of wine club membership. The flyer features key information about member offers and a call to action to scan the QR code. The QR code when scanned opens a Mailchimp lead form to join the wine club online.

Spring Vale Vineyard QR Flyer

Virtue Plus

Virtue Plus sent out branded Christmas cards, including a branded QR code they created using a QR code generator.  The QR code when scanned opens a page which acts like a link aggregator (such as Linktree) allowing them to present a range of links that they wish their audience to interact with.

The important thing to remember here is that, like most digital advertising, it is not a good idea to send targets to a generic page on your website. The landing is just as, if not more, important as the mechanism by which you sent them there.

Branded CHRISTMAS Cards

How to Make the Integration Work

The first part of the process, producing a QR code, is easy.  You can easily produce your own QR code by finding a QR code generator online like QR Code Generator. There are many different types of QR codes and you can even create branded codes.

The second part of the the process is more critical. You need to give your audience a reason to scan the QR code on your marketing collateral. Namely, a call to action (CTA).

Here are some examples of CTA’s you can use, and there are many more possibilities.

  1. A Promotion (e.g. Click here for x% off)
  2. An Experience (e.g. Check out our 3D virtual tour)
  3. A quick way to get to what they already want (e.g. Join Our Club)

The final part of this process is ensuring that you send the user to an appropriate landing page. Often, an existing page on your website is most likely not going to measure up. It is important that the digital channel you send them to is an experience that is consistent with their expectations.

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