Print media is a competitive field that requires creativity and innovation to catch the eye of your target audience. For your business, however, it’s important to find the perfect balance between attracting attention and staying true to your sophisticated, professional image. Take charge of your print media materials with three of our best post-press finishes:

Die-Cutting and Creasing

This process is usually performed on paper-board or cardboard materials. If you’ve always wondered how milk carton boxes are produced, this is one way to do it. Die-cutting involves designing a blueprint then shearing webs of low-strength that follow the shape of the design. The creasing machine then conditions the material for folding. If you’re thinking of creating a box-type container for your collaterals, die-cutting and creasing are the most suitable finishes for it.

Spot UV

Most commonly used in business cards, Spot UV is a post-press technique that uses a thick, transparent coating that is dried with an Ultra Violate (UV) light. The gloss can be applied over the entire card, but most print media designers use the technique to highlight only certain elements of text and imagery. Others incorporate it through patterns that give business cards a decorative gloss when it catches the light. A subtle yet striking finish, Spot UV gives your print materials a simple touch of elegance.

Embossing and Foiling

Luxury brands often incorporate gold, silver and bronze embellishments in their packaging. To achieve a similar effect for your business’ print materials, you can use embossing and foiling finishes. Embossing is a method of pressing text or an image onto paper for a three-dimensional design. When coupled with foiling, you can choose metallic or holographic foils to make the embossed portion stand out. Using the two processes allows you to stamp your print materials with sophisticated, textured imagery that make them extra memorable.

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