Here are our top tips for attracting customers to your stand at an event.

The most common aim of  businesses who exhibit at events is quite understandably increased sales. Howeverorganisations also need to consider the opportunity to both leverage and expand brand recognition that arises out of such appearances.

How to attract people to your stand…

✅ Attract attention and reinforce your brand to passers-by with bright designs.
✅ Create a warm and welcoming environment people feel comfortable visiting with your stand layout and design.
✅ Draw people in by including an interactive element or activity at your site.
✅ Make sure people can see what your product is about at a glance, they will be more likely to come and see you.

Include an Interactive Element

Canteen interactive element at Agfest 2021 bike slushie

Canteen Tasmania’s interactive element at Agfest 2021 was “slushie bikes” What a great idea! We provided eco branded cups for the slushies.

Branded + Warm & Welcoming

Printed Solutions for Events A Frame Sign and Flag

Agline Irrigation created a welcoming site with an open design and great signage printed by us, including a great marquee for shelter and “literal” warmth.

Product Recognition

Printed Solutions for Events Tas Stockfeed Metal Animal Signs

We printed a range of different animals on metal cutouts for Tas Stockfeed to display around their stand and make it immediately apparent to passers-by what  products they vend and for what animals.

Inform and Encourage Later Contact

It’s great to have printed material at your event to inform visitors of your products and services, and to give them something to take away with them to leaf through at their leisure. Here are some ideas of various types of collateral you might deploy on your stand.

  • For businesses with more complex, or a large number of products, printed collateral can help guide your conversation with stand visitors.
  • Have a wide variety of printed collateral on your site. Some longer format, more expensive pieces, like product catalogues, can be handed to hot leads. Whereas shorter format pieces, such as DL or A4 flyers can be more topic or product focussed.
  • Business Cards can be appropriate, especially in a business to business market.
  • Printed vouchers can encourage later incoming contact from targets.
  • Loyalty cards to hand out on site can help to encourage repeat custom. Give these to your exisiting customers, as well as your leads.
  • Clenergy Event Table with Brochures and Giveaways
  • Clenergy Brochures
  • Clenergy Event Stand & Pull Up Banner

Clenergy have been a long term client. For their recent expo we produced some of their printed collateral and signage.

Printed Promotional Items

Everyone loves a giveaway at an event. When you are considering which giveaways to purchase it is great to think of something unique, and also something that may stay on the top of someone’s desk. Choosing something that will not be lost in a pile of paperwork and remain visible to your client or potential client is a great idea. here are some more ideas. Ask us for more!

  • Notepads
  • Magnets
  • Bookmarks
  • Badges
  • Hanging car air fresheners
  • Desk Calendars
  • Branded canvas Bags to carry it all around in.

How can Woolston Printing help you with your printed marketing materials?

We can help your organisation with printed materials which suit your operation, customers and goals. If you would like some advice or ideas about printed materials for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page, phone or email. We look forward to speaking with you.