Different Types of Coronavirus Signage for Schools

Due to the imminent return of students, schools have been updating and replacing temporary signage. We have found that schools are opting for robust options that reflect updated health messages reflecting the Australian community’s very rapidly changing learnings over the months that Coronavirus has been active in our country.

At Woolston Printing this week and last we have been very busy creating Coronavirus signage for schools all around Australia who are anticipating the return of students for the second half of term 2. We wanted to show case some of the design work we have been doing with schools.

If you are looking for signage designed for your own school you are welcome to contact us or purchase signage in our online social distancing shop and start the customisation process from there.

Coronavirus Signage for Schools | Floor Decal Gallery

Our floor decals are perfect for queuing areas around the school, to help maintain social distancing.
They can be used indoor and outdoors, as well as on low pile carpets. Floor decals to show people where to stand should definitely be considered for both student and visitor areas. You can find our custom decals and generic decals in our social distancing store. We do not charge for simple artwork and customisation.

Our floor decals meet Australian Standards of safety and are R12 slip rated.

Where to use these:
Queues, canteen, bathrooms, lockers, reception area.

Coronavirus Signage for Schools | Window & Wall Stickers

Schools have been working with us to replace their laminated and blue-tacked signs around the school with more robust wall/ window stickers.
These have been updated with the latest messaging from the World Health Organisation and are available in a pack of 6 from our online social distancing store. We do not charge for simple artwork and customisation.

So far was have designs that we can customise for you school for the following categories; Hand Washing, Social Distancing, Symptom Awareness and Infection Control. However we can develop a customised sign with any messaging you desire for the same price.

Where to use these
Bathrooms, Kitchens, Common Areas where student, staff and visitors may gather.

Coronavirus Signage for Schools | Other Signage

Banners are great at illustrating expectations and processes of school visitors; including parents, couriers and students. To order pul up banners please visit our social distancing store. For other types of banners please contact us through this website or via email.

Where to use these:
Use in reception and administrative areas.
Parking or pick up zones.

What kind of Covid signage for schools can we help you with?

We offer both generic signage, to which you can simply add your school crest. Or are happy to work with you to create a customised design.

Some of our signage products are available to order online in our Coronavirus social distancing store. However, for custom designs and complex orders, it is better to drop us a message via this website or give us a call on 03 6391 8481. There has never been a better time than now to get organised for a new normal.

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