Why Covid Signage for Schools?

With the planned scaffolded return of all schools, including independent schools, across Australia in the next couple of weeks it is time to take action and get organised.

None of us expect things to return to the way they were before Covid 19, at least not for some time. Temporary signage for hygiene and social distancing that may have been, very appropriately, placed in schools towards the end of term one will need to be replaced with signage constructed of more robust materials. Robust signage will better withstand the test of time and is more critically important in high traffic environments, such as educational institutes.

In addition to this, with Covid 19 being a newer virus, we are learning more and more each day. These new learnings must also be reflected in the messaging of hygiene and distancing signage.

Covid Signage for Schools Ideas

Covid Signage for School Reception and Administrative Areas

  • Pull Up Banners Illustrating expectations and processes of school visitors; including parents, couriers and students.
  • Floor decals or stickers to show people how and where to queue to maintain social distancing
  • Hand-washing signage in kitchens and staff/visitor bathrooms, laminated signage or robust wall stickers that can not be easily misplaced or vandalised.
Covid Pull Up Banner for Schools

Covid Signage for school Common Areas and bathrooms for students

  • Outside graded floor decals or stickers for canteen queues to maintain social distancing
  • Inside graded floor decals for bathroom queues
  • Carpet graded floor decals for locker queues
  • Hand-washing and cough/sneeze hygiene signage for student bathroom facilities
  • Covid symptom awareness signage for display in common areas

What kind of Covid signage for schools can we help you with?

We offer both generic signage, to which you can simply add your school crest. Or are happy to work with you to create a customised design.

Some of our signage products are available to order online in our Covid 19 social distancing store. However, for custom designs and complex orders, it is better to drop us a message via this website or give us a call on 03 6391 8481. There has never been a better time than now to get organised for a new normal.

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