Why Direct Mail Marketing?

  • The direct mail market is no longer saturated, but the online one most definitely is, this has increased the value of personal printed communication.
  • You are putting your message right in the hands of your exact target market.
  • Print scientifically improves memory and generates more emotional response.
  • Because print is more meaningful and tactile. In short, print exists in a physical form and can be enjoyed by more of the senses.

We mean… We’re not saying throw your computer away.

Though sometimes it’s really tempting, you are going to need that bad boy later. Just as no man is an island, no direct mail campaign should operate in isolation from the rest of your promotional campaign, including digital.

Computing ALL THE TIME is soooooooo much fun

Target Market

So, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but millennials have been statistically proven to prefer print. 82% of millennials surveyed by research Quad Graphics said that they would engage with retail print literature. and according to the Pew Report, 77% of Generation X and 63% of Generation Y consumers have purchased products via direct mail. So Direct mail is definitely Gen X and Millennial compatible.


  • Personalise your mail.
  • Drive your target back online with QR Codes and social tags.
  • Use graphics and images.
  • Cleverly use tactile printing techniques like embossing, cut outs, etc.
  • Make the piece feel valuable.
  • Make redeemable offers to track the success of your direct mail campaign.

Do Not

  • Rely on unaddressed, generic pamphlet dogs…oops! I mean drops. That is not the same thing as a targeted direct mail campaign which forms part of an integrated marketing plan.

This is article is a part of our digital strategy.

Thanks for reading our thoughts on direct mail.

In our 95 years as a company we have been involved in the direct mail campaigns of quite a few different organisations. Originally starting as an offset printer we’ve grown and invested in digital and hybrid machines and continue to prioritise this growth as a business. One of our more recent investments has been in mail insertion machinery. 2020 has kicked off to a good start with the machine having already been fired up again in the first week of the year alone.

If you have a direct mail campaign rolling out we know you are looking for a one stop shop.

That’s what we do here at Woolston Printing. We can print, insert and mail your promotion all from our print room floor.


Hit us up today with any questions and happy print marketing in 2020!