Strict measures are being enforced by police

Social distancing is being enforced by police nationwide, with fines differing all over Australia. In some places businesses can be fined up to $20,000 for not enforcing social distancing rules within their boundaries. For businesses where patrons stand in line maintaining the social distance between their clients should be a high priority.

One of the ways to maintain social distance in queues is by using floor stickers for social distancing. These floor decals can be stuck to almost any surface and come in various textures, including non-slip.

Don’t let your brand suffer through tough times.

Up until now it’s true that all of us have been in coping mode. Now is the time to tidy up your space,  rip those scraggy pieces of tape off the floor and replace them with some good looking floor decals to reinforce social distancing in a classy way.

Covid-19 is not likely to disappear overnight and social distancing measures will be in place for some time. It is definitely worth investing in some floor stickers for social distancing in queues.

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Floor stickers for social distancing – examples

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