Dressed for Dinner
Case Study: Book Printing and Binding

To produce this book we worked with private publisher and fellow fly fishing enthusiast, Steven’s Publishing, to bring the late Rick Keam’s book to life.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with such incredible content. The generosity of the typesetting, the choice of fonts and the beautiful photos and illustrations all make this book a must have for the keen fly fisherman or fisherwoman. The late Rick Keam and Steven’s Publishing did all the work, we just put it together.

Dressed for Dinner is a superbly bound in burgundy Rayas book cloth and is 230 x 240mm and 232 pages. There is one copy which goes up for auction bound in tan leather.

Book Printing and Binding

Dressed for Dinner’ was Rick’s final work. It is a book from another planet of fly tying.

Mike Stevens

Rick’s new posthumously published book ‘Dressed for Dinner’ will give us all fish food for thought and that would make him happy if he was still with us.

Peter Hayes

How to buy Dressed for Dinner by Rick Keam

This book will not be available until after the book launch on 20th May 2021 at the Victorian Fly Fishers Association dinner and auction.

Books are numbered 1-100. Book number 1 will be auctioned on the night with funds going to charity. It is bound in tan and can be seen behind the main photo. If you would like to bid on the number 1 copy please email your confidential bid to: petergc@bigpond.net.au before midnight 18 May 2021. If there are identical high bids the first submitted will be favoured.