Floor Decals for Social Distancing in Cafes

We’ve just released these awesome coffee cup shaped floor decals for social distancing in cafes.

Available in 20cm, 30cms and a giant 35cms heigh, these decals are an unobtrusive and funky way to enforce social distancing during a time full of seriousness., while also promoting your cafe.

We are happy to customise these cups with your cafe name for free! Just send us an email with the additional words or logo you would like printed on the floor sticker. They’re super easy to apply yourself on a clean, dry, floor.

Coffee Cup Floor Decals  – Sizes and Pricing.

Sizes available are:
35cm(h) x  32cm(w) – $148.50
30cm(h) x 28cm(w) – $126.50
20cm(h) x 19cm(w) – $93.50

Don’t want to spend too much? That’s totally understandable right now. Our 20cm cups are still effective and utterly gorgeous and come in at $93.50. for a pack of 6. Drop us a line today, or buy them online from our store.


You’re only Days away from Great Floor Decals…

Our best wishes for your business during these difficult times. We are here to help with your decals however we can. Got an unusual request? Just ask us.

We are based in Tasmanian with print hubs here and in VIC and NSW, you decals will take no more than 5 working days to arrive. TBH we have had a 3 day turnabout for most, but don’t want to jinx ourselves 😉.

DELIVERY is FREE for orders over $100 and otherwise $12.10 Australia wide.

Questions? Email lisa@woolstonprinting.com.au

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Coffee Cup Floor Decal Social Distancing