Floor Decal Stickers for Asphalt & Rough Surfaces

Floor decal stickers for asphalt & rough surfaces are quite different to decals for smooth surfaces. They must be printed on a specific material fit for purpose that will adhere to uneven surfaces.

To say that it is difficult to stick regular decals (such as those that work on low pile carpet, wooden floors, linoleum and smooth concrete) to asphalt and uneven concrete is an understatement.

As many of our clients are schools around Australia, we’ve been successfully vending floor decals for asphalt since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Asphalt decals are available in any size you require. We have found that the most popular size for our asphalt decals is 15cm. – 20cm. This is generally a bit smaller than what we see ordered for our indoor decals. Going smaller is one way to help keep the cost of your asphalt decals down. Asphalt decals are significantly more expensive than regular decals as the raw materials used to print on are pricey in themselves.

Rough Surface Floor Decals  – Sizes and Pricing.

Sizes available are:
15cm x 15cm x 10 pieces (round cut)- $100.00
20cm x 20cm x 10 pieces (round cut)- $135.00
25cm x 25cm x 10 pieces (round cut)- $188.00
30cm x 30cm x 10 pieces (round cut) – $255.00

Prices include free delivery Australia wide.


We can also arrange custom branded decals…

All of the designs you see in our social distancing store are available as asphalt decals. Additionally we can create a simple custom decal for your business, using your logo and corporate colours.

Our best wishes for your business during these difficult times. We are here to help with your decals however we can. Got an unusual request? Just ask us.

We are based in Tasmanian with print hubs here and in VIC and NSW.
Decals take approx 2-3 days to print and deliver to metropolitan areas around Australia, and up to 7 days into regional areas.

DELIVERY is FREE for orders over $100 and otherwise $12.10 Australia wide.

Questions? Email lisa@woolstonprinting.com.au

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