Kingsway put Safety on Top with Printed Emergency Flipbook

The Challenge:
To ensure that each staff member in the school has an easy way to instantly access emergency information.

The Product and Solution
The Printed Emergency Flipbook sits on the desktop above any paperwork and clutter. Category tabs make critical information easy to find.

Printed Emergency Flip Book

The Details

The road to a solution came first with our client Kingsway Christian College asking themselves the question; How do we make sure that all of our staff have access to emergency information at their fingertips at all times.

This can be especially challenging in a school where teachers and ancillary staff move from room to room throughout the day. Many schools include emergency information in their teacher’s diaries, which can be hard to find at a moment’s notice, nor is it guaranteed that a teacher would have their diary on them at all times. The only solution was to approach the problem on a per “area” basis rather than per “employee”.  This ensured that every teaching area had a resource containing emergency information.

But how to keep it on top of the piles of papers usually associated with the classroom? Kingsway College consulted with Woolston Printing and decided to print their design on a tent card, so that it is always available, accessible and visible on desktops around the school.

Tabs were added to make sure that each section of the printed emergency flipbook could be found and accessed quickly.

We think that Kingsway College’s solution to their challenge is a stroke of genius and who knows, it might just save lives.