Advantages of an end to end design, print and mailing service

  • Fewer number of suppliers, fewer emails, less confusion.
  • Saves your time on your project.
  • Spend your time on things worth your attention not stuffing envelopes.
  • Fewer Suppliers  = less delays transitioning between suppliers in the process.

Design, Print and Mailing Service Process Image

Having worked in marketing for many years at both the agency and company level and for many organisations I have had the job of organising many a direct mail campaign. I can tell you that probably the number one worst thing about organising  such a project is working with a large number of suppliers, and trying to co-ordinate the timing between them all.

Here is an example of some suppliers you might usually work with on a direct mail marketing campaign:

  1. Working with my designer on the appearance of the mail pieces.
  2. Working with my printer on the production of the inserts and envelopes.
  3. Finding someone to stuff and seal the envelopes with the various collateral I want to send.
  4. Working out the most cost effective way to send them, booking the mail-out with Australia Post.

Save time and head space

The process can take some time and head space. Careful planning can come undone with just one hitch. Say the designer doesn’t make deadline, and my job gets pushed back in the printers queue, which also pushes back my compiling as I don’t have a work experience kid on that day – so I end up doing it. My boss won’t be too impressed that the person he pays for marketing is spending their time licking envelopes (figuratively speaking).

End to end design, print and mail is great value

That’s why we believe that the end to end design print and mailing service we offer here at Woolston Printing represents not only great value but saves our clients a great deal of time and stress. Giving them the opportunity of more time to work on their other projects.

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