School Diaries – Student Diaries

Here we are showcasing a few of the school dairies we produced for our client’s around Australia for 2021. In 2020 we set about getting the 2021 school planners together for over 150 client schools, with quantity orders as small as 35 diaries and as large as 2500 diaries. Coil binding remains by far the most popular method, with a fantastic finish at a more economic price than book bound school diaries. Popular cover finishes for student diaries this year, in line with other years was Coloured Polypropylene (Digital Print) and Gloss Laminate with many opting for a clear protective cover. We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of tabs to divide the sections of the student diaries this year. If you would like to see examples of these finishes please contact us for our “Student Planner Finishes and Content” Sample Planner

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School Diaries – Teacher Diaries

Commonly the teacher diaries we produce for our client schools are larger scale than the student planners. Teacher often need a bit more room for rolls, or grade recording. A4 remains the most common size of our teacher planners. The cover design of the teacher planner often reflects that of the student planner, but not in all cases. The number of schools producing staff diaries with us year on year has been increasing, and we are seeing evidence of a move back to keeping physical records in one place, rather than accessing disparate computer programs.

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Custom Sets

We produce some pretty adorable school diary sets or our clients. The design they choose for their covers really brings the individual pieces together as a cohesive collection. Often the sets differentiate between planners for juniors students, senior student and staff. In addition to having a a different cover design the junior an senior student diaries may also include different content from each other.

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