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Woolston Printing, through their brand Impact Planners, have been producing student diaries for schools for over 20 years of the 96 years they have been offering a full suite of printing services to Australians.

We offer an end-to-end school diary production service. Whether you need us to step in from the design stage or simply the print setting stage we can support your needs. Our staff perform all tasks in-house from our headquarters near Launceston airport in Tasmania.

When you decide to book production of your school’s diaries with us you will be assigned a singular account manager. Our account managers are champions of your school’s best interests within Woolston Printing and will make sure that your student diary stays on track and meeting your expectations, as well as meeting deadlines and delivery dates.

If you’re not sure, check out what some of our 2021, and 2020 clients had to say.

What our 2021 diary clients had to say…

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Why Should you Choose Woolston Printing for your school’s student diaries?
  1. You would appreciate the services of a dedicated account manager to help you through organising your student diaries step by step.
  2. Because school life is busy you want the option of more time to get organisedWe can do that because, unlike other providers, we print our student planners on-site, allowing us to offer you much longer lead times.
  3. You don’t want to be charged the earth for extras and reprints. Though other school planner providers may have similar upfront costs, this will not be the case when it comes to reprints and extras throughout the year. Having our own printing press allows us to control your costs for reprints, whether they be just one or two, or in larger numbers.
  4. You want to support an Australian owned and run company with products that are both designed and manufactured in Australia.

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1Step 1:Design & Artwork
2Step 2:Size
3Step 3:Binding
4Step 4:Cover Style
5Step 5:Company Pages
6Step 6:Calendar Pages
7Step 7:Accessories
8Step 8:Details

Step 1: Design & Artwork

Utilise our personal inhouse design services to create a diary complimenting your company’s colour and branding or send through complete artwork ready to print.

We will provide complete print ready diary artwork and design.
We require your inhouse artwork and design services.

Step 2: Size

Choose from our standard size options or select custom to enter another size.

A4 (210mm x 297mm)
A5 (150mm x 212mm)
Pocket (95mm x 150mm)

Step 3: Binding

Choose a binding for your company’s diary.

Plastic Coil Bound (MOQ: 100)
Wire Bound (MOQ: 100)
Flexibound (MOQ: 200)
Casebound (MOQ: 200)

Step 4: Cover Style

Select your cover style.

Printed Card with Clear Polypropylene Overlay
Credit Card Laminate
Coloured Polypropylene Printed
Printed Card with Thin Gloss Laminate and Clear Polypropylene Overlay

Step 5: Company Pages

Include your important information such as company overview and contact details, health & wellbeing, and other content pages.

How many pages? (One sheet of paper equals two pages)

Black (Monochrome)
Single Colour
Two Colour
Full Colour (CMYK)

Step 6: Calendar Pages

Choose from a range of calendar page designs. Standard template available or utilise our design services for a fully customised layout.


How many pages? (One sheet of paper equals two pages)

Will every lined page be the same artwork design?

Print Colour - Black
Print Colour - Single Colour
Print Colour - Two Colour
Print Colour - Full Colour (CMYK)
Blank Pages
Print Colour:
Week to a view
Day to a page
Two days to a page

Step 7: Accessories

Select from our standard optional add-ons or enquire for our other accessories.

Printed Endpapers
Elastic Closure
Pen Loop

Step 8: Details


Quote Sent Succussfully

Your online business diary quote has been sent to one of our team members.

We will be in contact with you shortly.

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About Impact Planners & Woolston Printing

Impact Planners is a brand of the established printing company Woolston Printing, servicing the needs of schools across Australia. Woolston Printing has been operating for over 90 years and has the experience and knowledge that sets us apart.

The team at Woolston work together with schools around the nation, assisting them to create the ultimate student diaries for their school – tailored to suit individual requirements and budget. Our diaries are designed, printed and manufactured in-house, therefore providing schools with the flexibility they need. Our unique designs and quality products are the reason we supply… planners that work.

Read more about our planners and philosophy in blog posts from our staff, below.

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